Introducing I.S. Design

You may know my paintings and know that beyond straight paint, I like to play with collage, spray, plaster, and earth. I also like to work on not only the standard canvas surface, but wood, aluminum, and paper. When I frame my work, I make the frames myself, often out of difficult materials I've found a way to upcycle, such as hardwoods scavenged from skids/palettes.

But this, peeps, is only a part. Around my studio it's DIY or die. On top of art, I have a background in plastering, mechanical assembly, and computer programming, and over the years I've learned how to weld, forge, sew, stitch, silkscreen, etch metal chemically, make broken tile mosaics, photograph, and build a CNC machine. I like to make furniture and I'm starting to get my head around handmade clothing and apparel.

The idea of I.S. Design is to offer up a more craft line of work, and items that are slightly more affordable than my very time-consuming, very labour-intensive, and hence pricier paintings. I.S. Design will be a work in progress for a while, but right now the plan is to make prints on a variety of surfaces, reproductions of some of my paintings, and t-shirts, then sell these online or at dedicated craft fairs.

If the sales start to happen, the money will go into more tools and materials, so I can see out more ambitious ideas. It will also go into charitable groups I hold close to heart.

Stick around. And if you have two cents to put in, please do so, right here.